Souda Port

Largest natural harbour in Mediterranean.

Souda is located 6.5 km east of the town of Chania on the road to Rethymnon. The town stretches along the southern coast of the Gulf of Souda.

The largest natural harbour in the Mediterranean is formed by the main body of Crete and the Cape Meleha, called also Akrotiri.

The geophysical location and orientation of Souda, combined with the size and adequate depth, makes it a safe harbour during the whole year. Its location in the center of the eastern Mediterranean on the ancient sea routes gives a special strategic importance, thus causing the strong interest from antiquity until today. Souda Bay is one of the strategically important anchor of NATO in the Mediterranean.
The port occupies the entire southwestern part of the bay and offers a modern commercial and passenger port and the main ferry link of west Crete with Piraeus.

Today Souda is a small town whose name for the locals represents: “port”. From here the daily ferries to Piraeus leave throughout all the year. In the last few years it has also become port of call for numerous Cruise lines.
At the entrance of the harbor the huge silos of a flour milling company dominates the picture, operating already in Souda since 1928. It counts today among the most important mills in Greece, with daily milling capacity of 450 tons of wheat and animal feed production capacity of 500 tons per day.

Arriving by ferry from Piraeus

The night ferries from Piraeus arrive around 06.00-06.30hrs in the morning, during the summer months July and August also day ferries are offered.

There are plenty of cafeterias for your coffee or breakfast at the large central square of Souda and of course also lunch or dinner are offered.