Cave Ideo Andro

Ideon Antron Cave (or Ideon Cave) is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Ida (Psiloritis) just above the plateau Nida. The distance of the cave from Anogia is 24km and from Rethymno it’s 78km. The cave has not any special speleological value, but has enormous mythological and cultural value, as this is the cave in which, according to the legend, the greatest Greek god, Zeus, was grown up. Today, thousands of tourists visit the cave every year, especially during the summer months.

The Ideon Andron cave is located at an altitude of 1538m, exactly on the steep cliff formed by the so-called Nida fault. Its entrance is to be found on the fault plane, while internal parallel faults can also be seen. Nice folds of the platy marble occur both at the entrance and at the large internal area. The cave is not particularly important from the geological point of view as it is relatively small and lacks cave decoration. However, near the entrance three majestic stalactites welcome the visitors.

The cave has an area of 800 sq.m., which is divided internally into three rooms and the sanctuary. Access to rooms is on descending slope, while there are a few points where the visitor can discern some parts of cave decoration.